January Update Newsletter

January 24, 2016 Preserve Roanoke

Dear Neighbors,

Happy New Year! We are pleased to report that Preserve Roanoke is making strong progress alongside our regional allies from Virginia and West Virginia who oppose the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). This proposal is NOT a “done deal.” We have significant updates:
1) INTERVENTION and “Out of Time Motion to Intervene” – Thanks to the more than 250 groups and individuals who filed Motions to Intervene with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Through Intervention, we have sought “full coverage” of our issues with FERC. Roanoke County residents are represented before FERC through Roanoke County Board of Supervisors, through Appalachian Mountain Advocates, through our 501(c)(3) Preserve Roanoke, and through our local citizens group, Preserve Bent Mountain. This range of filing covers us from governmental, community/group and individual landowner perspectives.
Many citizens missed FERC’s intervention deadline date of November 27. You can still file your objection and concerns to the MVP project by way of the “Out-of-Time Motion to Intervene.” Our friends with Preserve the NRV have outlined step-by-step instructions online at:
2) PROGRAMMATIC ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT (PEIS) and Department of Energy (DOE) INQUIRY – Elected officials, local governments and citizens groups are calling for a “PEIS,” or an initial overarching examination of this region, its environment and economy for its suitability – or lack thereof – as a pipeline corridor. Our coalition opposing the pipelines is questioning FERC’s “rocket docket” process and “revolving door” makeup of industry professionals by inquiring with the Department of Energy’s Inspector General.
We encourage you to press our elected officials to publicly and privately challenge the FERC, and to slow the permitting process.
Please consider adding your name to petitions being circulated.
3) NEIGHBORS ON WATCH –The pipeline company has resumed some follow up survey activity in furtherance of its October 2015 FERC application. If you have any concerns contact, Roberta Bondurant at 540-793-4769,, Rebecca Dameron at 540-759-0798,, or contact a member of our steering committee and/or landowner committee.
4) EXPERTS AT WORK – Preserve leaders and experts are busy researching and preparing reports in the effort to stop the proposed MVP. Local citizens are providing environmental and economic data and property impact information. We are very fortunate to have received significant pro-bono services of wetlands, historical and legal experts. Yet each of our Preserve Groups and supporting non-profits has a responsibility to pledge financial support to help cover vital expenses in the long-term success of stopping the MVP.
5) SUPPORT NEEDED – Please make a tax-deductible gift to Preserve Roanoke. Your participation and support is vital. We welcome all contributions – large and small. We also need to get the word out! If you’d like to have t-shirts, signs, bumper stickers or other resource materials, please email us.
We are soon to have a PayPal Nonprofit Account to facilitate a safe, easy, and convenient donation platform. PayPal’s secure webpages provide an encrypted platform so you can pledge support with confidence. PayPal accepts all major debit and credit cards (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover). A direct link to Paypal will soon be posted on our website.
Donations made to Preserve Roanoke are tax-deductible. If you prefer donating by check, please make donation checks payable to Preserve Roanoke and mail to:
Preserve Roanoke
c/o Rebecca Dameron
10721 Bent Mountain Rd.
Bent Mountain, VA 24059
6) VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Several local leaders have had to step back from volunteer commitments due to family, health, and personal obligations. Most of our active volunteers hold full-time jobs—we need administrative support, communications, and field research. Please consider volunteering your time and skills. Send us an email to with your name and contact info. We’d love to hear from all Roanoke area residents! You don’t have to live on Bent or Poor Mountain to care about the greater mission to Preserve Roanoke. The responsibility to stop the MVP and to preserve Roanoke belongs to each of us.
7) THANK YOU – We appreciate your thoughtful attention and persistent effort in challenging the MVP and FERC. Together we stand strong! Let’s work together to keep our water, air, and land safe. Thanks to dedicated volunteers, we have already won several small victories. With greater public participation from local citizens, we will be poised to drive our Preserve Roanoke mission forward full speed ahead in 2016. Join us!
Warmest regards,

Preserve Roanoke
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