It’s time to Intervene – Take Action

Now that Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC has filed the Certificate Application, individuals and groups can file with FERC as intervenors.  Please consider becoming an Intervenor on the Mountain Valley Pipeline, Docket #CP16-10-000. The deadline is Friday, November 27, 2015 at 5:00 PM.

Follow this step-by-step guide:  How to Sign Up to be an Intervenor 
We strongly recommend everyone complete FERC registration on-line as soon as possible.  You may sign up now, and decide to file nothing further. At a minimum, this process allows you and your family to keep informed of other filings in MVP’s application.  
While groups such as Preserve Roanoke, Appalachian Mountain Advocates (APPALMAD), and Roanoke County administration have expressed intent to register for Intervenor status, they will not state each landowner’s specific interests to the FERC.  Individual landowners need to use the process available to preserve their interests.  HOWEVER, ANYONE WITH CONCERNS ABOUT THE MVP MAY INTERVENE-LOCAL RESIDENCY IS NOT REQUIRED.
As an Intervenor, you will receive MVP’s filings and all other public Commission documents related to the case and materials filed by other intervening parties.  Only intervenors will be permitted to participate in later MVP-related hearings.  The deadline for on-line registration is 5:00 PM FRIDAY NOVEMBER 27, 2015. (This is the day after Thanksgiving and we’re expecting a high volume of on-line users.  Please take early action.)  
Local volunteers are available to guide you through the online registration process.  Join us!!   
Join us at
Bent Mountain Fire & Rescue Station
9606 Bent Mountain Rd.  Bent Mountain, VA 24059
Sunday, Nov 15th   5 – 7 PM   or Wednesday, Nov 18  7 – 9 PM

We will have a limited number of workstations available.  If possible, please bring your own laptop computer.  If you are unable to participate in the workshop, but still want to request assistance with your registration, please contact a member of the Preserve Roanoke steering committee ASAP.  We’re here to help! 
Thanks for your attention to the time sensitive deadline.  Please call on your family, friend, and neighbors to register as Intervenors.  Wishing each of you a Happy Thanksgiving Day holiday!

Preserve Roanoke
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