Letter Writing


we the people

It is now time for us to have a determined and purposeful letter writing campaign aimed at members of our Boards of Supervisors, State Legislators, Federal Legislators, the Governor, and our newspapers.

This project and others like it will help us make our case to our elected officials. We need to let our Governor, state and federal representatives, and members of our county Board of Supervisors know that we want them to OPPOSE the EQT/NextEra Mountain Valley Pipeline Project.

Whether you are in the proposed route of the pipeline or not, as a citizen of one of the counties affected, please join with us in a letter writing campaign. The more letters sent and the more people reached the louder our collective voice will be.
Here you will find Talking Points, Material Specifically for Governor McAuliffe, Sample Letters, and Contact Information for Federal Legislators, State Legislators, Boards of Supervisors, major newspapers, and FERC.

1. Write to your local Board of Supervisors urging them to do their due diligence on this matter. They should not consider themselves powerless as there are many things they can do to have respond to our many issues and concerns. Ask your Supervisor to stand with you and us in opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline.
2. Everyone, please write the Governor and share with him your concerns. Let him know how disappointed you are in him for doing a 180 on his commitment to protect the environment of the Commonwealth of Virginia; and the abandonment of his commitment to letting local governments and citizens have the primary determination of what happens in their towns and counties.
3. Write to your state and federal representatives passionately and articulately expressing your fears, issues, and concerns for the dangers and damages the proposed pipeline could have to your lives, the lives of your children, the water you drink, the air you breath, your home, property, pets, livestock and crops. Links have been provided for addresses.
4. Keep this issue front and center by sending letters to the Editor of the Roanoke Times, Richmond Times-Dispatch, Washington Post and other news outlets.
5. A picture is worth a thousand words. If it’s simpler, send a picture with a brief statement. For example, “This is a picture of our home which would be damaged or perhaps destroyed by this pipeline. We worked our entire lives to finally be able to build the house of our dreams in the most beautiful place on earth. Now I go to sleep each night wondering if our home and lives will be destroyed by the pipeline. I wake up every morning wondering the same thing. Please consider my concerns and work to protect us”.

Our regional partner, Preserve The NRV has provided links for the following resource pages: