Who are we?

Preserve Roanoke is a citizen advocacy group (based in Roanoke, Virginia) formed in opposition to the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (MVP).  We maintain that the placement of this pipeline will adversely affect the quality of life in all areas it transects.  Our mission is the following:

  • increase awareness of the detrimental impact of this pipeline
  • educate citizens regarding property rights
  • promote citizen involvement
  • encourage citizens to make their voices heard
  • hold legislators responsible for due diligence, transparency and inclusion of their constituents
  • monitor the process as MVP moves forward with their application for approval.
  • act to provide programs, document our resources, and publicize our findings as needed

Why do we oppose construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline?

The proposed natural gas pipeline would:

  • severely threaten our pure water, reservoirs, rivers, wetlands, wells, soil, forests, and wildlife
  • put residents at risk for explosions, fires, chemical leaks, and other disasters
  • create a dangerous, collosal construction and easement corridor
  • decrease property values, raise insurance rates, risk default on mortgages
  • not create many, if any, local jobs
  • take away landowners’ rights


On October 27, 2014 Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (MVP), a joint venture between affiliates of EQT Corporation and NextEra Energy, Inc., submitted a request to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to initiate the Pre-Filing Process for the Mountain Valley Pipeline Project (MVP Project). The MVP Project was accepted into the FERC Pre-Filing Process on October 31, 2014.  As proposed, the Mountain Valley Pipeline would transport natural gas at high pressure from West Virginia to the Transco natural gas transmission pipeline in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

During the summer of 2014, the MVP proposed route threatened nearby Floyd County.  Citizens Preserving Floyd County (“Preserve Floyd”) worked to stop the pipeline.  Floyd won their battle to change the route.

On October 14, 2014, EQT and NextEra Energy announced a new route for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (“MVP”).  On that day, during the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors Meeting, we learned that property owners in Bent Mountain area of Roanoke County received survey notification requests and pipeline developers have expressed intent to cross the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail.

During early December 2014, MVP reported it has identified three possible sites for compressor stations in West Virginia, and one proposed compressor station in Roanoke County.  The proposed “Swann Station” at mile marker 224 in Roanoke County would put the a compressor station approximately 2,000 feet from Spring Hollow Reservoir, a key source of drinking water for the Roanoke Valley.

On February 18, 2015, Mountain Valley Pipeline filed a Summary of Alternatives with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  The alternative route has expanded to include properties in the Catawba Valley area of Roanoke County (near the boundaries of Montgomery and Craig counties).  Bent Mountain, Poor Mountain, and Spring Hollow Reservoir are still threatened by the current proposed route of the Mountain Valley Pipeline and Swann Compressor Station.  Preserve Roanoke has initiated outreach support to concerned citizens throughout our regional community.  We maintain that the placement of the pipeline will adversely affect the quality of life in all areas it transects.

Help Stop the Pipeline

If you think the “Mountain-Valley” fracked pipeline will not affect you, think again!  Preserving the Roanoke region for our children and grandchildren means saying NO TO THE PIPELINE.  Residents in surrounding counties across Virginia and West Virginia are also at risk.  Through regional collaboration, we must work together to stop the pipeline.

This PIPELINE IS A CRITICAL THREAT and we must TAKE ACTION NOW.  We must DEFEND OUR COMMUNITY from the fracked gas pipeline risks and potential for catastrophe.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Stay informed.  Get involved.  Attend a meeting.